Women’s Ministry

From the start God valued women…

On the first day of creation God created light, and He saw that it was good. Next, He divided waters from the sky and earth, separated land from water, made trees, vegetation, etc., and saw that it was all good. Then he fashioned the Sun, stars, seasons, days, years, etc. and saw that this was good, too. Sea creatures, fish, birds, and land animals were designed and given the ability to reproduce, and God saw that this was good, as well. Finally, he created man, but man needed something. He needed help. So, a helper was created to complete man, and she was called woman. She was so important to the man that the plan was set in motion that men would leave their own families to unite with their wives…

You see, from the start God has valued women. He made it clear that man is incomplete without woman. Various women are of significant importance as time goes on, too. Deborah was actually in charge of all of Israel! David’s great-grandmother, Ruth, led a life of selflessness and devotion, setting an example for us to follow even today. Jesus set an example of ultimate love for his bride, the church, as he gave up his life for her. Paul used this analogy in telling husbands that they should love their wives as much (Ephesians 5:25-33). Peter said that if husbands don’t treat their wives right, their prayers could be hindered (1 Peter 3:7). There are many other references to illustrate the point. What is the point? God values women, and always has.

Paramount Christian Church values women, too. We have honorable women amongst us who represent God well, and who are mentoring others to do the same. The godly women of PCC are dedicated to holy living. Many serve and lead in various capacities. Women around here are respected, honored, and treated with much dignity.

Contact the church office if you have questions, comments, or special requests.

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