What We Believe

Paramount Christian Church exists to Evangelize the lost, Encourage the saved, and Equip them to live the Christian life as described in the Bible. We are made up of REAL PEOPLE, who are living ordinary REAL LIVES, and share REAL HOPE and REAL PEACE!

Essentially, we believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and He is the only way to heaven (John 14). We believe God wants everyone to be saved (1 Timothy 2), and loves mankind so much He created a way so through Jesus anyone can have access to eternity in heaven (John 3:16). We believe it is by His grace a person is allowed to be saved, and this salvation is accessed through individual faith (Ephesians 2:8 & 9). We do not believe one can work his/her way to heaven. We do believe the access into grace is through an active faith which is illustrated by the Christian life (James 2). We believe Scripture is infallible and it should be our sole guide for Christian living (2 Timothy 3:16). We do not have a creed outside of the Bible. We, along with more than 5,000 churches just like us, believe the Bible is a sufficient guide for church structure as well.

We do practice weekly communion as the first church did (Acts 20) and as the early churches did, historically. We practice baptism by immersion, as was the Biblical practice (Matthew 3; Romans 6:3ff).

We believe the church is to impact its community as a source of illumination and fulfillment (Matthew 5:14-16). With that in mind, PCC intends and strives to be relevant with our services and programs.

Our pastor has been here for over 13 years – which provides stability. We work hard to build up and strengthen families and other relationships. Plus, we are a very unified church with extraordinary leadership.

Additionally, we purposely focus on reaching the men in our community. Not that we neglect women or children. No, we’ve noticed many un-churched people are men who are very uncomfortable even trying churches. We have designed our church to be “man-friendly,” by avoiding becoming overly effeminate in what should be “neutral” areas. We believe if we reach the men, it’s easier to reach the families. As a result, we have a more proportionate congregation (men-to-women ratio) than most others. Our men’s programs are definitely manly, ranging from pre-hunting camp-outs, shooting camps, deep-sea fishing, paintball, hiking, biking, – to watching sporting events (NFL games, MMA fights, etc.), attending boat shows, car shows, etc.


Jeff Adams ~ Lead Pastor– 360-491-7372

Wayne Aldridge ~ Chairman, 360-456-5008

Rick Pitman, 253-777-7830

Ted Williams, 360-481-3246

Ed Johnson (Elder in Training), 360-890-4915


Jim Claar ~ Chairman, 360-459-2096

Bill Brown, 360-528-9772

Craig Williams, 360-878-7912

Dan Loguda, 360-628-8739

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