FAQ: How To Spread Christianity In Euiv?

Can you change religion in eu4?

In Europa Universalis IV, there is no simple way to change the religion of a state. However, it is possible to do quickly with cheats by starting a religious rebellion. To start a religious rebellion within a state, you will need to change the religion of 75% of the provinces within the state to your desired religion.

What does tolerance of the true faith do eu4?

+6 tolerance of the true faith means you have -6% revolt risk in all converted provinces. You won’t get them in your own faith as tolerance of the true faith is usually positive so it decreases revolt risk.

Why is orthodox so good eu4?

Orthodox is one of the best religons due to its insane conversion power and unrest reduction -3 from patriarch authority and even more from tolerance of true faith it enables you to tank massive spikes of oe and avoid rebels which is nice in age of absolutism where you do not want to raise autonomy.

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How do you lose the defender of the faith?

You can lose defender of the faith by losing or drawing a war. This is defined as any peace obtained other than through the “make demands” or AI offering paths and includes the following.

How can I increase my missionary strength?

You also can get 4% missionary strength from policies: Religious with Diplomacy/Trade/Espionage/Aristocratic. Religious also give 2% heritic conversion strength and Religious-Offensive give you an extra 3% heritic conversion strength.

How do you become a particularist rebel?

They spawn in response to raising autonomy. If you lower it 30 years (I think) in advance, they’ll get ready to spawn by the time absolutism comes around. I also think they spawn when you revoke land from the burgers. Particularists are more likely to come from provinces that the Burghers own.

How can separatism be reduced?

Humanist ideas are the easiest way to reduce initial separatism. There is also a Humanist-Offensive policy that lowers it. Constitutional Monarchies and Administrative Republics do as well. Each years of separatism will give 0.5 unrest, and ticks down every year.

How long does religious zeal last eu4?

This way their zeal lasts for twenty years, it’s difficult to preach to the newly converted and the steady decline in their zealousness is also modelled.. Light a man a fire, and he is warm for a day.

Should I become Defender of the Faith eu4?

It’s super useful for minority religions such as Orthodox (basically a minority after the Balkans get eaten), Coptic, Shia, and- defender of faith is pretty much mandatory if you want to skip religion/humanist idea group while still building a huge empire over several religious areas.

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Can you convert to Zoroastrianism eu4?

You need 51% or more of your development* to be Zoroastrian for the religion to flip. If they already converted a bunch of provinces, give all these provinces to the Dhimmi Estate, piss them off, and revoke all of them to spawn like 387 zealot rebel stacks until they convert most if not all of your nation.

How do Orthodox become Ottomans?

Easiest/best way step by step:

  1. Take the mission at the beginning of the game to take Constantinople.
  2. Go to war with Byzantium and in the peace deal take Constantinople for yourself.
  3. Put a missionary on Constantinople and set the missionary maintenance slider to 0.
  4. Wait for Orthodox rebels to spawn.

How do you make a colonist in eu4?

The quickest way to colonize is using colonial nations, and expanding your colonies through war. By having five colonies or core provinces in the same colonial region, (there’s a map mode for that,) it’ll form an entirely new nation, and any more land conquered/colonized in that territory will go to that nation.

How is Ruthenia formed?

According to the official wiki, any nation with Russian Principality government can turn into a Tsardom by forming Russia or Ruthenia. So all I need to do is to start as a East Slavic minor nation in 1444 and occupy Ukraine territory in order to activate the Forming Ruthenia decision.

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