Often asked: In What Way Did Early Christianity Spread Through Hierarchical Diffusion?

How did Christianity spread through hierarchical diffusion?

Christianity largely spread through conquest. Throughout much of the Roman Empire, Christianity hailed as the dominant religion, leading to hierarchical diffusion as the empire conquered more peoples and land.

What type of diffusion is the spread of Christianity?

Christianity. Christianity is a monotheistic universalizing religion spread throughout Europe mostly by Hierarchical and expansion diffusion. Through Relocation Diffusion it was brought to the new world. It is the largest Universalizing religion.

How did Christianity diffuse quizlet?

Christianity 1st diffused from it’s hearth in Palestine through relocation diffusion when missionaries carried the teachings of Jesus along the Roman Empire’s sea routes and road network to people in other locations.

How does hierarchical diffusion spread?

Hierarchical Diffusion is when an idea spreads by passing first among the most connected individuals, then spreading to other individuals. Think of the chain of command in businesses, and the government.

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Who spread Christianity through hierarchical diffusion?

Christianity spread through relocation diffusion by missionaries and hierarchical diffusion when the Roman Empire made Christianity its official Page 4 religion. Christianity became the dominant religion in North and South America because of the early explorers and colonizers from Europe were Christians.

What follows reverse hierarchical diffusion?

Relocation Diffusion. The diffusion of a particular phenomenon over far distances as a result of migrations. Reverse Hierarchical Diffusion. Diffusion up a hierarchy, such as from a little city to a big one.

What type of diffusion does religion spread through?

Religions spread over time through a process called diffusion. The map shown above indicates where the identified religions are most prominent. There are two methods of diffusion: expansion and relocation. In expansion diffusion, beliefs of a religion transmit by direct contact between believers and nonbelievers.

What are 3 examples of cultural diffusion?

  • Examples of Cultural Diffusion.
  • Common Cultural Diffusions.
  • Religious Cultural Diffusion.
  • Cultural Diffusion in Technology.
  • Economic Cultural Diffusion.

What is religious diffusion?

Religion uses nearly all forms of diffusion to reproduce itself across space. Hierarchical diffusion generally involves the conversion of a king, emperor, or other leader who then influences others to convert. Contagious diffusion is most often seen in a religious context as the result of direct proselytizing.

How did Christianity spread so quickly quizlet?

Christianity spread quickly through the Roman empire because Peter and Paul began to preach it to the pagans. Emporer Constantine allowed Christians to come out of their catacombs and build churches and cemeteries. Later, Emporer Theodosis makes Christianity the official religion of Rome.

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What religion is a monastery?

The term monastery is used generically to refer to any of a number of types of religious community. In the Roman Catholic religion and to some extent in certain branches of Buddhism, there is a somewhat more specific definition of the term and many related terms.

What event most rapidly increased the spread of Christianity quizlet?

Jesus’s death.

What is an example of hierarchical diffusion?

When a celebrity starts a fashion trend and this trend slowly becomes popular throughout the United States. Usually, hierarchical diffusion starts in big urban areas (NYC, LA, etc.), then spreads to smaller cities/suburbs, and then lastly to rural areas.

What are the 3 types of diffusion?

The three types of diffusion are – simple diffusion, osmosis and facilitated diffusion.

  • (i) Simple diffusion is when ions or molecules diffuse from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
  • (ii) In osmosis, the particles moving are water molecules.

What is the difference between hierarchical diffusion and contagious diffusion?

The main difference between expansion diffusion and contagious diffusion is that in expansion diffusion, a trend spreads to other locations from its originating location, whereas in contagious diffusion, a trend transmits from person to person from an original source to numerous others.

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