Quick Answer: How Does Christianity Spread From Nanban Ports Shogun 2?

How do you convert to Christianity in Shogun 2?

Click ‘Family and Council’ in the clan management menu. 3. Convert religion option should have now appeared on the left. Click it and your clan adopts Christianity!

How do you get Nanban trade in Port Shogun 2?

Nanban Trade Ports are upgraded from existing trading ports. Factions may only build one Nanban Trade Port, but they can obtain more if they capture regions with one already built. Bungo, owned by the Otomo Clan, begins the campaign with a Nanban Trade Port already built.

How do you stop Christianity in Shogun 2?

Shogun 2. Nanban trade ports slowly convert the province they’re in to Christianity. You can either let this conversion proceed, switch your clan religion to Christianity, and then try to spread it to all of your provinces, or try to stop the spread of Christianity in the province with the trade port.

How many Nanban quarters can you have?

However, a faction can own multiple nanban quarters if it already has one (or is in the process of building one ) and captures a province with another. General Information.

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Castle Fort • Stronghold • Fortress • Castle • Citadel
Christian Chapel • Mission • Church • Cathedral


When can you convert to Christianity Shogun 2?

Once you build a Nanban port your population starts becoming mixed religion. Once the population is about 30-50% Christian, you are given the option via the clan page to convert.

How do trade ships work Shogun 2?

Trade ships generate trade goods by being placed on trade nodes. If their faction has trade relations with other factions, this generates large amounts of profits. Trade ships are not the only ships that can engage in trade; red seal ships and nanban trade ships can also generate income from trade nodes.

Are Matchlock ashigaru worth it?

So, just having matchlock ashigaru who can backhand enemy melee troops is practically just as valuable as ones with bonus accuracy (Do note: ACCURACY STILL DOES HELP, just not as much as it does with bows.)

How do I unlock my Nanban port?

You can only upgrade to a Nanban port if you already own one or the Christian traders event pops up and you accept. I think the earliest places are on the southern island. You should get it within the first 40 turns for Oda. The western factions will get it first and Date will get it last.

Are European cannons good Shogun 2?

European Cannons can only be trained by Christian factions, from Nanban Quarters. While they carry great firepower and can destroy walls quickly, they are highly inaccurate and slow to reload, making them largely ineffective against infantry.

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How do I change my religion in province Shogun 2?

After reaching rank four, and putting a skill point in to the Poet skill, a non-Ikko Ikki General can then put skill points in to the Religious skill. Religious Zeal is the rate at which the populace of a province will convert to a certain religion.

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